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Google adwords resellers list как разрекламировать группу в контакте

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The tickets, in either case, may not have been sold or allocated previously. But if you advertise or link to a site that would at any time be considered a hybrid see definition below , then you must apply for certification.

A reseller or resale marketplace determines the price of the the tickets which may be above or below the face value and any additional applicable taxes, or service charges, or fees. Businesses that sell tickets both as a primary provider and a reseller.

To be considered a hybrid, you must have had primary ticket inventory available for all events on your site at one point in time. If your business can be considered a hybrid, you must apply for certification. Any artist, tour, team, league, venue, and similar event or group on behalf of whom tickets are sold.

See requirements under Event-associated group below. Any site which aggregates ticket prices from other hybrid or reseller sites, but does not conduct any ticket sales on their own site. This disclosure must not be provided in a closable notification format, and the font must be equal to or bigger than the majority of the text on the page.

Resellers must prominently disclose that ticket prices are higher than face value meaning the price offered by the primary provider. This disclosure must not be provided as a closable or hideable notification, and the font size must be equal to or bigger than the majority of the text on the page. Certification and policy requirements Your business model, as well as what your ad promotes, will determine whether you need to be certified, and which policy requirements apply.

This can only be used in the following forms. This can only be used in the following forms below. Linked reseller or hybrid must be certified by Google. For linked hybrid with secondary inventory, site must inform customer secondary inventory is available and differentiate between primary and secondary inventory. Linked reseller must be certified by Google. Was this article helpful?

Select that language from the menu at the bottom of this article. These links will update to that language. To prevent garbled text in the. Change your browser encoding to Unicode UTF Learn how to change your browser encoding. Guidelines Follow these guidelines to make sure you submit high-quality data for your products and get the best performance from your ads. Use only a predefined Google product category.

You can choose to submit either the ID or the full path of the product category. Use the one category that best describes your product. For example, even though an MP3 player might have other functions, like a clock, its main function is as an MP3 player.

So you would use the MP3 player category: Use the most specific category possible. Use a specific category to help ensure that your ads are shown in the most relevant situations. For example, an MP3 player charger, use the MP3 player accessories category: Electronics Use categories published after August Use the links above for the latest values.

Best practices These are best practices that can help you go beyond the basic requirements to optimize your product data for performance.

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